Mom Monitor

This project is in the discover phase. I like having a place to put my ideas as they pop in my head so if I plan to move forward I have all of my notes in one place. That's what this page it.

As my mother ages I would like a device that provides two things. First, it alerts me if there hasn't been motion in x hours. For example, the device would sit in her kitchen where she would definitely go daily and if there has not been motion in 12 hours send me a notice. The second feature would be simple SOS buttons that would allow her to quickly notify me too. These would be battery powered and simply trigger the same alert as above so I could take action.

Initial Thoughts

I could use an esp8266 that would connect to wifi and allow messages to be sent. Since wifi is not great for battery powered devices I would use 433 Mhz internal for the SOS buttons that would report to the wifi hub which would send out messages.