Home Automation and Control

My home automation & control setup consists of various zwave devices connected to Home Assistant. Home assistant acts as my central hub for all of my devices but it's not used for automatons. For automatons I've transition to Node-RED as I found it more versatile and expandable. Node-RED communicates with Home Assistant via websockets but I have a bunch of other sensors that communicate via MQTT.


All of my home automation systems run off an Intel NUC With 8GB ram and a 120GB SSD. I run all systems in their own docker so it's easy to upgrade, relocate and backup.

Name Type Model Note
Hallway LightSwitchGE 12722node 2
Entry LightSwitchHS-WS100+node 3
Bathroom LightSwitchHS-WS100+node 4
Bedroom LightDimmer RF9534DSnode 5
Mudroom LightSwitchHS-WS100+node 7
ApplianceOutlet-node 8
Pantry DoorDoor Sensor ZD2102 node 10
Entry MotionMotionZP3102node 11
Entry Door SensorDoor Sensor ZD2102 node 12