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Add Internet (remote connectivity) to things that could benefit from being directly connected to the Internet or Intranet.

Connected Things

As I identify new things in my life I feel could benefit from being connected I will list them here and try to outline a plan to process to make them connected.

  • Humidifier - PlanningIkea Owl Lamp Hack - Add internet and RGB LEDs to the kids own lamp.
  • Humidifier - Better sensors (possibly remote sensors), the ability to get alerts when it's out of water and an easy way to control the on/off cycle.
  • Flame-less Candles - PlanningWe have a bunch of these on our mantel that are currently battery powered. The batteries last about 4-6 weeks and are controlled via a basic timer. I want to be able to control these via Home Assistant and change them so they're powered by a wall adapter instead of batteries.