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There is a newer version of the Party Button here.


Why not? (smile) Our kids love dance parties and they love them even more if they can initiate them! When we first got the idea for the project I quickly ordered several boxes off ebay but was quickly demotivated when I realized none of them would fit the electronics and the button. This change about a year later when I got my new 3d printer. Once I mastered how to use it, learned Fusion 360 it was game on and in fact this was my first "practical" use case for the printer. The design took a few iterations and I ordered a few extra parts from to make the circuit easier but so far it works pretty well. There is a lot of room for improvement but, if it ain't broke, why fix it? 


I use Home Assistant for my home control and automation stuff so once the box was built the rest was rather easy. Basically, when the button is pressed, the circuit turns on and fires a simple mqtt msg to my mqtt server. I then have Home Assistant setup to watch for this event and when it's triggered I enable party mode. Party mode changes the three hue lights every second, turns on the living room and kitchen music and pauses the TV.

Initial circuit on the breadboard

Moved to a perf board that fits in the box.

Testing out the connections and fit

Working box