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Convert the basic white LED Owl lamp into an Internet connected RGB lamp that we can control from our home automation system.


The stock LED bulb is only 3 watts but it's super bright in a dark room. It's great for getting up in the middle of the night but we've had to hide/cover it behind things because it keeps the kids up at night. I want the ability to dim the the light based on either the time of day or the current mode of the house. I also want to be able to control it from home assistant so we don't have to worry about turning it on and off daily which we often forget to do.

As a bonus it would be great to use RGB LEDs so we can change the color of the lamp making it more fun for the kids, or better yet as some sort of indicator.


  • Dimmable, instead of just on/off.
  • Controllable via Home Assistant (Probably via mqtt)
  • Ability to change the color


  • ESP-12F ESP8266 chip to give the lamp connectivity
  • A series of WS2812B (Neopixels) which will give me brightness control and color
  • The lamp currently has a 24v DC power supply. I'll either have to keep that power adapter and step down the voltage or replace it.
    • Voltage regulator
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