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Using an esp8266 as the controller and a series of buttons build a simple control box that allows quick and easy access to various home control functions. For example, it would be nice to have a basic control box next to my bed that shut off all the lights in the house, turn off/on the bathroom lights for the kids and have a "good morning" sequence that turned on various lights in the morning. 


  • esp8266 basic chip, probably an ESP-12f

  • A few buttons, the larger the better
  • Some LEDs to indicate the status of the action
  • Power (either a wall-wart or batteries)
  • Power regulator (depending on power source)


Feb 2018

A four button box with LED Arcade style buttons on it. Wall powered so I don't have to worry about delays and battery issues to start.

My plan was to use arcade buttons because they look and feel good. They're large which means the box has to be large too. I printed a nice box but while testing the electronics I got a shipment of soft touch buttons similar to this:

I think I'm going to try and make these work instead as they're smaller, feel really nice and have access for an RGB led under each button.

March 6th, 2018

I have the soft touch buttons working and I'm trying to get the ESP working too. Half way through, because the buttons are so much smaller I thought maybe I could run it off batteries instead so I'm playing with that aswell. My original plan of using normal RGB leds means I need to use an IO expander since there are only five available pins on the ESP12f. I have this working but it feels cluttered, I might try another method or just stick with one color for now and try out the RGB in v2.

Some photos of the prototypes.

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