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A basic clock that displays the current time accurately with a few buttons that trigger various events.


  • Accurate time, to a few seconds. Ideally, updated from NTP daily/hourly
  • Simple, easy to read from anywhere in the room but most importantly while in bed
  • Small but not so small that it gets bumped and turned around during normal use
  • Basic web api to control various features like brightness, time update frequency, button actions
  • 2 buttons that allow custom actions either via hardcoded methods or via MQTT commands

Won't have features

  • No alarm feature
  • No sound
  • No RTC/backup battery
  • No manually setting of the clock
  • Not date or day of week information


In rough order.

  • Design basic enclosure, start to print prototypes
  • Check 7-seg display will work as expected
  • Choose and verify the microcontroller will work as expected with display
  • Write code to update the clock on power on and every n minutes
  • Write code to update features via webpage
  • Check buttons will work as expected
  • Write code to trigger events from buttons


March 2018 - Basic clock prototype is done, I'm currently testing and fixing any bugs I find. I'll post everything up soon.

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